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everyone loves to overreact after week 1 144 Related Subscribers 2 iTunes RSS access_time Latest hearing Most played star_outline Most popular search Searchmore_horiz alarm_add Listen later alarm_on Listen later check Mark as played star_border Rate mic_none Go to podcast share Share 02:29:44 Best of Week 66 Live From San Antonio, Tommy Smokes Stays Hot The Masters The Dave Portnoy Show 9 Apr starstarstarstarstar add On the day of the Final Four, the Pardon My Take guys and 15806 Dave broadcast live from a broom closet in San Antonio with everyone's best pal Chaps.

Tommy Smokes stays hot and discount nfl jerseys; try Appradioworld 17289 N 7 Nabble, p2766 keeps bringing Dave winners. He even pulls out a Red Sox win on the air.